Hey Beauties! :D

Exciting news ahead!

I have ... drum roll ...

A YOUTUBE channel! I've wanted to do one for about a year now, and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and get one.

It was such an experience uploading my first video! I was excited and nervous at the same time. It honestly took me ages to push "publish." However, I got the courage to film one and even though it was my first time, I think I have done fairly well.

I'm also going to be upgrading my camera and lighting and audio. So far, my audio has been upgraded- which is mega exciting. However I am still looking for some amazing lights, and an affordable camera. THEY ARE LIKE $$$. But I'm saving up and I can't wait to grab one. If you know of some good lights, or a camera- please comment! It would make my research so much easier!

I'm also planning on filming pretty soon, which will be a review on a NEW product coming to your skincare aisle (thats if you are in Australia)! If you would like to have any products reviewed or want to know how to do a specific makeup look, it's your chance now to comment below and get creative! :P Let your imagination run wild!

Well, I think I have said enough, so with that said here is my video! And if you wondering what "Loreal Paris Makeup Designer Contest 2016" means- it's basically a contest where you could be the next Australian Loreal Paris Makeup Designer. I'm waiting to hear if I have made the top 10- so fingers crossed! Now, it's a really fast video (because it had to be under 3 minutes), however my next videos will be a lot slower- so all good!

So, here is my video for the Loreal Paris Makeup Designer Contest 2016- Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT.

Click Here!!

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P.s I'm thinking about updating my blog layout to be more mobile friendly. Comment below if you are happy with it being changed or not. I would love to hear! 

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