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Todays post is all rather exciting. Why? Because I have found a very exciting product that I absolutely love. They are called Jamberry Nail Wraps. It's really similar to the Sally Hansen ones- but better.
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So what is Jamberry? Some of you may have heard about this brand, others probably not. So let me tell you. Jamberry is an American based company that specialises in all things nails. They sell nail wraps (their most popular product), gel enamels, hand and nail care products and lacquers.

So why exactly are the nail wraps their most popular product? Let me tell you, and this is why I am so excited about this product. Firstly they are chip free! The golden words- right? When I wore these nail wraps I literally didn't see any chips until the end of the week. In that week I broke up boxes,  taped makeup products, tidied all the makeup counters, cleaned at home (hardcore bleach products), showered, washed hair, washed dishes, cooked food and so much more. So they are pretty strong.

They are also fade free. When I was wearing the nails I didn't even see the slightest bit of colour change. They remained vibrant throughout the whole week. Another cool thing about these is that there are over 300+ designs! Crazy beans did you just say OVER 300 designs. Yes, yes I did. You could spend a whole day browsing through the designs. They have a style to suit EVERY personality. These wraps also don't damage your nails. At all. As in my nails looked exactly the same as they did before I put them on.

Lastly, each sheet that you get can cover 2-3 sets of hands or feet, and can be used several weeks later without drying out or fading. Thank you sweetness. With other nail wraps you have to use them immediately, which is annoying because you could easily get two uses out of them. So with Jamberry I can leave my designs in my makeup case and come back to them whenever I feel like. I also have the chance to mix and match! Which I think is super cool.

Since I've enjoyed this product so much, I decided to join! I am now an official Jamberry consultant. I get paid to wear pretty nail wraps- which is like the coolest thing in the whole world!! If you love these nails as much as I do- comment below and if you are interested in joining shoot me an email. I'll answer all your questions! If you want to try them for yourself just click here to check out the designs. And don't forget to say hi on my other social media accounts :D

p.s I'm only open for business in Australia (for now). If you are reading my blog from America, just comment below and I'll post a link to an American online store! :D


  1. Oh and I must add - if you want the wraps to last, make sure you put them on the correct way. :) Just ask if you need me to post a video link to a YouTube tutorial :D

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