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I've decided to add another component to my blog. The all-new-and-exciting-beauty-haul! Each week (depending on how my life goes), I will do a blog post on some of the beauty products (skincare and makeup) that I have purchased. I think it would be heaps of fun. And if you have any products you would like me to review- just comment below! Anyway...

I'll list the products that I have bought, which ones I loved and which ones I didn't like. Now, even though I may not love the product you might love it. So just take that in mind when reading :D

What did I buy?

- ColorStay Gel Eyeliner (White Mist)
- Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine
- ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat
- Gold Series Eyelash Curler 

What did I love?

I absolutely LOVE the primer. It is literally one of the best primers I have ever used in my whole entire life. It's incredibly smooth. It literally feels like soft petals on your skin. And you know what else I loved, how fast it absorbed. It was also incredibly easy to come off (with makeup-remover), and my skin felt like it didn't have any primer on.
  • Now a tip, which I learnt from makeup school- don't put primer on all over your face. Only use it on the problem areas. So I use it mainly on my T-zone, because I am hectically oily.
Another product that gets my tick, is the eyelash curler. Can I just say "wow." It's either super magic, or just the perfect eyelash curler in the whole world. It must be the shape because it neatly fits under my brow bone and catches my lashes so easy.
  • Now a tip, if you want your eyelashes to stay and not fall off, don't and I mean DON'T, curl your lashes with mascara on. They will break. Then bye-bye beautiful lashes.
Next on my love list, is the top coat. I am in love. It's really just a simple top coat that does what it is set out to do. I use the Sally Hansen base coat, put two coats of colour on the top, and then finish with the Revlon top coat.

What did I not love?

Now, I'm a positive person. But the gel eyeliner wasn't really that great. I was super excited to try this product, but it really didn't live up to my expectations. When you apply the eyeliner, it's really cakey and it cracks so easily. Either the product I got may have been faulty or it was just the formula. If you have also tried this product - please comment below, I'd love to know what you thought! :D

Well, I hope that my recommendations/ advice helped in deciding whether or not to spend your money. If you don't want to miss out on my posts or comments PLEASE subscribe to my blog. Be sure to leave some comments too, because I'd love to know what you think :D Oh, and check out my Instagram (@makeup_maniaah)- I just got it!


  1. Anonymous7/08/2015

    I love the eyelash curler too! It's really just the only eyelash curler that works super well!! Love your blog by the way! Are you going to do videos?

    1. Awwww I'm glad you like my blog! Well I'm definitely looking to do videos :) I'm currently getting my equipment sorted out and all that ^___^ I'll let you guys know when I do my first video :>

  2. It is an informative post.

    1. Thank you Aaron! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this! :D


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