Hey Beauties! :)

The bold lip has always been strikingly beautiful so I decided to write a blog post on exactly how you create this bold lip.

Step 1

  • It's important not to have dry or flaky lips when wearing a bold lip. 
  • Now this might sound funny or strange but you can scrub your lips (gently) with a tooth brush. Not only does this exfoliate your lips, but it also gives you fuller, more plumper lips. 

Step 2

  • Apply a moisturising lip balm. Let it soak in before removing it.

Step 3

  • Usually I would recommend doing your makeup first then applying the lips, but because we are doing a bold lip, it's best to apply it first. 
  • This is so that you can adjust the rest of your makeup to suit it. 

Step 4

  • Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick and carefully line your lips. This helps to define your lip shape and keep your lipstick from "bleeding" throuhgout the day. 

Step 5

  • If you are worried about your lips loosing moisture during the day, try a lipstick such as Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm to help keep them feeling soft. 
  • If your main concern is whether your lipstick lasts all day, then use a product like Maybelline New York Superstay 14HR Mega Watt Lipstick.
  • Apply your lipstick evenly over your entire lips, making sure you stick within the lip line you've just created. 
  • If your lipstick is brand new, you can get away with applying it straight from the bullet. 

Step 6

  • If you have made any errors, or just want a cleaner, more defined lip line, use a small angled brush with a tiny bit of foundation on it to gently clean the area. 

Step 7

  • Thats it- you are done :) 

I'd love to see some bold lips, or if you have an amazing lipstick I'd love to know what it is- just comment below. Oh and you can check me out on Twitter (@CMakeupManiaah), Instagram (@makeup_maniaah) and Facebook (Makeup Maniaah).


  1. Anonymous6/14/2015

    Woah, your lips look amazing in the picture! What brand are you using and what is the colour of it?

    1. AWW! Thanks heaps! Wearing a bold lip creates such luscious lips. I am wearing Napoleon in the shade Hara. I love this shade because it's so bold!


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