Hey beauties! :)

I hardly wear the natural look, but most of my friends do. So, I've decided to do a blog post about natural looking makeup. I've put together a few steps on how to achieve this look using tips from Taylor Chang-Babaian. Enjoy!

Remember: Before you do this look, make sure you have moisturised your face. You can click here if you need more information about skin preparation.

Step 1
  • Apply beige/ your colour foundation to the eyelid and under-eye. 
Step 2
  • Apply beige/ your colour stick concealer to the inner corner and undereye.
Step 3
  • Set the foundation and concealer with translucent loose powder. 
Step 4
  • Apply matte white eyeshadow to the base of the lid, along the inner corner, and under the brow bone. 
Step 5
  • Apply dark brown eyeshadow along the top crease and softly along the lower lashline, making the shadow on the outer corner of the upper and lower connect.
Step 6
  • Curl lashes and apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes. 
Step 7 (Optional)
  • Apply short and long individual eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye. 
Step 8 
  • Apply ash blonde/ light brown eyebrow powder.
Step 9
  • Apply clear brow gel.
Step 10
  • Finish the look off using a light pink/ clear lipgloss or a soft pink/ beige lipstick. 
And.... your done! I bet you look beautiful! Let me know how you went creating this look! I would love to see some pictures if you're brave enough.


  1. Hi Cassie this was really helpful ^_^

    I take it you're planning on doing heaps more step by step tutorials? I really like the blog :)

  2. Yeah I sure am! Any in particular that you are interested in learning?

    1. Oh wow, ummmm how about a tutorial on how to create the Metallic look for eyes? I've always wondered how they do that!

    2. Yeah sure! I will create a post on that as soon as I can :D


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