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My last post detailed a few tips on how you could touch up your makeup fast. This post is all about how to touch up the lips!
Apply lip balm heavily to dry lips before you even start your makeup, then let it soak in. By the time you apply the lipstick, you'll have luscious, soft lips that will make your lipstick easier to apply. It will also last longer too.

If your lip shape is 'responding' to gravity, don't draw attention to it by applying a bright shade of lipstick. According to Rae Morris, she suggests trying this simple trick.

Apply your brightest lipstick, then look in the mirror, squinting your eyes until your vision is blurred. If your lip shape is plump and youthful- go for your life! If it looks aged, choose a nude lip colour, which will give the illusion of fuller lips. If you want to add more colour to the face apply more blush and mascara. 
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